What this BLOG is about


This blog – will trace all of my wine & culinary experiences  in Vancouver and around the world.

It’s for anyone to read: locals, fellow wine lovers + foodies and visitors to Vancouver.

Expect an honest and down to earth review of what I have tasted.


I love wine. I work in the industry. And I’m a wine student (French Wine Scholar student; WSET Advanced student) because there is sooo much to learn! So, I’ll be sharing information that I learn along the way, and my hope is to make wine easier for you to understand and enjoy.


I’m a foodie, I love flavours, trends in food, creative cooking and even the simple things. Vancouver has been highly regarded for years, as a top culinary destination. From quaint cafes to award winning restaurants, we have amazing local Chefs and others from around the world. This city offers an amazing variety of cuisine from many different cultures.




One thought on “What this BLOG is about

  1. What a fantastic way to share your culinary passion. You’re sure the rekindle the love of dining in this city for many. There’s so much variety and talent that it’s nice to have someone remind you how fabulous it all is. Well done!

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