Cafeteria – a great little spot on main

Yes, Pings is gone. But it has been replaced with an equally great spot from the owners of La Buca and Pied-a-Terre – CAFETERIA.

It’s simple and very tasty.

I’ve had a really good fish dish, tried their duck leg, scallops with pea risotto and their signature chicken and potatoes dish. The menu changes often, but I think we can all learn to love the variety and what the kitchen creates. It’s a unpretencious space, tables are close together, its loud when it’s full, but it’s got atmosphere. The wine and beer list is good and the prices are not ridiculous. House wine is $5 and it’s really decent.

However, if you are one that eats LOTS, perhaps you could have a nibble before you go, so you won’t spend tonnes to fill yourself as the dishes are not huge. However, super tasty and some dishes are rich. The size was great for me, but for some of the men we know….they would want something afterwards, for sure. ;o)

Check it out!
Main St. at 11 Ave, East side on the corner


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