Cork and Fin – Gastown

So it honestly took me a glass of wine to understand the name of this quaint little restaurant! Cork (wines) and Fin (fish) – and a variety of both are offered.

It’s a warm space with the brick, yet bright with the big windows, and light-colored interior. I loved it! Sit at a table, after work drink and nibble at the small bar overlooking the chefs, you will feel comfortable and welcome either way.

Fresh Oysters from the raw menu or Kilpatrick style with some back bacon and baked – simple and delicious. Seafood towers for when you want to impress; Scallop Ceviche – is with pea tips and a lemon dressing with some chilies – it all went so perfectly together. Everything is for sharing and a simple but abundant menu under $20 for most dishes.

I recommend you stop in, the service was warm and welcoming, the drinks menu very well laid out and what we shared (only two dishes this time) – were really tasty.

Cork & Fin


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