Beverage adventure in Gastown

Let’s just keep it simple, here’s what you do (or what we did)…

We met at The Narrow – on 3rd at Main St. The only identifiable sign to know you are at the right place is the red light outside the door. It seems like you are about to walk into a dingy, underground place, but instead, you open the door to a funky, long and narrow lounge! There are a few tables and seats at the bar, and probably your best bet is a beer or a cocktail as the wine list is a little simple. But, its a cool spot to have drinks and chill out, or begin your beverage hopping adventure.

Next up, all-time favourite Alibi Room The upstairs is a great room with long wood tables for sharing, high ceilings, exposed brick and it’s usually jam-packed (on a Friday). Have dinner or just drinks, it’s casual. We sat downstairs for a lounge like atmosphere, listening to the dj play some funk music. They’ve added lots of bottled beers and on tap to their menu, alongside their wine and cocktail list. I started with a hoppy ale – but I really liked the Cannery Naramata Nut Brown Ale, dark and very smooth.

Walk over to The Diamond – It’s a great place to have a cocktail! It was full for us, so we carried on.

Head down ‘Blood Alley’ to the entrance of Salt As I’ve written before, this is a favourite of mine. Probably because I love a room with brick! But no, it’s also because they have a fantastic wine list! We shared a bottle of the Domaine Lafond Roc-Epine Tavel 07 from the Southern Rhone Valley in France. A dry rose with a hint of honey on top of lots of strawberries. A delightful departure from beer at that late hour.

End the evening with a nightcap at Pourhouse Opt for a cocktail made with special care and attention, and created by top mixologist – Jay Jones. Try the Pall Mall – an old fashioned Gin cocktail with a modern twist. Someone convinced me to take a sip, and surprisingly it was very good.

Easily added to this mix in Gastown could be: The Irish Heather for a good old Guinness or the Revel Room (open till 2am)!

And don’t forget to drink water along the way ;o)


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