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A mini-break to Chicago

Have you ever needed to just get out of the city for a few days to take a break and have a mini-adventure? I am sure I’m not alone when I say; I crave this more often throughout the year.
As careers keep us busy during the week, if we don’t take a break at some point (aside from weekends), we became, in my opinion, mundane. So this is exactly the reason I hopped on a plane mid-week to spend a few days in another city.

A window seat on board Air Canada

With non-stop flights between Vancouver and Chicago, it makes it super easy to plan this getaway. Fly coach or opt for the Premium Economy upgrade with a touch more leg room. And the flight times make for planning dinner and drinks upon arrival completely do-able. You’ll feel as refreshed arriving as you did leaving, as the flight is just 3.5 hours long.

Upon arriving in Chicago you have 3 great options for getting into the city: 1. You can hire a taxi; 2. You can register and get the Uber app and take Uber – both these options are approx. 30-60 minutes depending on traffic. Or 3. You can take the Rapid Transit Train (blue line), which is approximately 45 minutes to downtown.

Now that I have a couple of trips to Chicago under my belt, there are a couple very comfortable hotels I would recommend: The Public Chicago and The James Hotel.

…That’s not the end of this article! I’ve started another writing venture with a few wine writer friends of mine – so please click on our website: CORK AFFAIRS to read the rest of this travel article, as I have much to share about Chicago.

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Dinner and Wine at Savio

Neighborhood restaurants. Sometimes they are quaint (even a bit dated), and the food is simple and the wines are main stream (not too exciting but they do the trick). And you go there because it’s an easy walk or drive from home, and well, you want to support your local businesses (or you can’t think, because you are tired from a long week). BUT sometimes your neighbourhood restaurant is the ‘bomb’! It’s quaint yet modern and welcoming, it’s always busy, it’s got a killer wine list (interesting and diverse) and the food… is not simple, it’s thoughtful and delicious.

Meet my neighbourhood restaurant – Savio Volpe. Located in a pocket of Vancouver, which is outside of downtown, away from any main popular walking strips. It’s neighbours are small eateries and coffee and baking shops on a little strip of 15th Ave in the Fraser Neighbourhood aka ‘Fraserhood‘.

The reason I like going here, is because it’s atmosphere is welcoming and approachable, yet modern and fresh. It’s about a year or so old. The staff are attentive and knowledgeable which makes your experience that much better. The food is rustic italian, which honestly, some of the creative dishes are not commonly found around Vancouver. Case in point: Bagna Cauda. Vegetables with a garlic, anchovy butter bath. I am in love with this dish. As well as great food, the wine list, rocks it. The reason is Mark the sommelier and his team of expert palates. Diverse, interesting, thought-provoking wines that go well with what’s on the menu. Me and the girls enjoyed a bottle of the Villa Bucci Classico Verdicchio from Italy. Round, full, yet fresh citrus and crisp minerals… D-light-ful.

Make a reservation, or take your chances for the first come first served seats at their bar (my fave place to sit). But do go and visit this amazing little neighbourhood find.

Other great places to check out in my ‘hood’…

Pizzeria Barbarella, Mensch deli, Jean Talon Poutinerie (Fraser/Broadway), Les Faux Bourgeois (the pioneers of this little pocket), Sal y Limon, Bows & Arrows, Prado Cafe, Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria, The Gluten Free Epicurean

eat, drink and enjoy!